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Video: Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Liberty

28 March 2018 Published in Audio and Video
ACLU of Utah's Executive Director Brittney Nystrom explains how nearly a century of defending liberty readies the ACLU for today.

Students' Rights: Speech, Walkouts, and Other Protests

14 March 2018 Published in Past Events
On Monday, March 12 the ACLU of Utah organized a Facebook Live workshop on Students' Rights as students prepare for walkouts in March and April. Watch the video here!

Utah’s Board of Pardons and Parole: The Urgent Need for Reform

09 February 2016 Published in Audio and Video
This short video explains how the Board of Pardons works and why it matters to us.

Natural Life

30 January 2014 Published in Audio and Video
Over 2.3 million people are in American prisons. Over half are there for nonviolent crimes. And many, like Rufus, are there for having drugs. Not dealing. Not stealing. But for having drugs. They're there FOR LIFE for a crime that normally carries a 0-5 year sentence and treatment — because of mandatory-minimum laws. 

My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding

10 December 2013 Published in Audio and Video
Do you dream of marrying your same-sex partner but are blocked by Utah state laws? The national ACLU wants to hear from you - and may even foot the bill for your ‘Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding’…   

Video of St. George Citizen Lobby Training 11/11/13

12 November 2013 Published in Audio and Video
  Presented by The ACLU of Utah, The Alliance for a Better Utah, The League of Women Voters of Utah, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, and Equality Utah. We are greatful to The Independent, based in St. George Utah and serving the greater Southern Utah area, who filmed these videos and posted them on their YouTube channel.  PART 1  PART 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

What would you do without the ACLU? 55th Anniversary Video

20 May 2013 Published in Audio and Video
55th Anniversary Video   This short, emotionally powerful film celebrates the Emerald Anniversary (55th) of the ACLU of Utah by highlighting a portion of the major civil liberties issues and cases that were addressed this past year, which advocate for reproductive rights, religious liberty, and immigrant rights. Most importantly, the film asks the question," What would you do without the ACLU?"

The Civil Liberties Minute - Once Upon A Time, In Our Mothers' House…

13 February 2013 Published in Audio and Video
A copy of "In Our Mothers' House" was very unhappy when it was moved behind the counter of a Utah elementary school library—and so was the ACLU. Listen to the 1 minute audio podcast produced by the ACLU of Massachusetts >>    

What happens if you flip the bird to a police officer?

28 November 2012 Published in Audio and Video
ACLU of Massachusetts attorney, Bill Newman, explains on this "Civil Liberties Minute" podcast. Listen to the 1 minute podcast produced by the ACLU of Massachusetts >>  

2011 Youth Activist Scholarship Winners

31 May 2011 Published in Audio and Video
Utah Youth Stand Up For Their Rights and YOURS, too! The ACLU of Utah is proud to announce the amazing winners of its 2011 Youth Activist Scholarship Awards. A selection committee composed of community leaders and volunteers reviewed qualifying candidates from across the state. Our winners were selected based on the students' dedication to civil liberties, the challenges they have overcome, and the leadership they display. Each winner receives $1,000 towards their first year of college and were honored at our Bill of Rights Dinner on May 11, 2011. The ACLU of Utah's Youth Activist Scholarship Program is generously funded by the Semnani Family Foundation

Faces of the ACLU of Utah - 2012 Bill of Rights Celebration

17 May 2011 Published in Audio and Video
"FACES OF THE ACLU" premiered at the ACLU of Utah's 2011 Bill of Rights Celebration on May 11.  Community and religious leaders, immigrants, students, activists and others explain why they are all proud to be "faces" of the ACLU of Utah, joining together to protect civil liberties for all Utahns.

Equal Opportunity

13 February 2011 Published in State Policy Work
Listen to KRCL's RadioActive broadcast from Friday, 2/10, on Affirmative Action. Marina Lowe, legislative and policy counsel at the ACLU of Utah, joins Barry Gomberg, the director of affirmative action and equal opportunity at Weber State University, and Kim Hall, the assistant director of the Women's Resource Center at the University of Utah to discuss their predictions for the legislative session and the impact if a proposed constitutional amendment to exempt the state from federal affirmative action laws were to pass.  

2010 Day of Silence

14 April 2010 Published in Audio and Video
Students at the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah explain why they are being silent for the annual Day of Silence.  

2008 -The 10 Minute History of the ACLU of Utah

18 June 2009 Published in Audio and Video
Chartered in 1958 and located in Salt Lake City, the ACLU of Utah is the Utah affiliate of the national ACLU. Through public education, legal advocacy, litigation, and lobbying at both the state and local levels, the ACLU of Utah seeks to protect the constitutional rights of all Utahns.