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Perspectives (Fall 2019 Liberty Reporter)

How do you balance the benefits of new technology with the loss of privacy it can bring?

Brittney HRBrittney Nystrom
ACLU of Utah Executive Director

“I have concerns about how the screens we use at work and home harm our privacy. But will I give up my smartphone or social media accounts? No. Or rather, not yet. Still, I place a sticker over my laptop’s camera when I’m not using it. I also hesitated before purchasing an “Alexa” device for my home. Ultimately, I decided that fun and convenience could overrule my privacy concerns, and Alexa has joined our household. But the research I did before making a decision showed me that we need more reliable information about privacy impacts. I am hopeful this debate increases public understanding about the hidden costs of technology we claim we can’t live without.”



DaniHawkesDanielle Hawkes
ACLU of Utah Board President

“I know I share too much about myself and my family online, but at least I can admit it. To learn more about these issues (and reduce my social media exposure), I am educating myself through a campaign of personal reading and conversations with friends and colleagues. Recently, several members of the ACLU of Utah Board of Directors read Safiya Noble’s Algorithms of Oppression, a book that explains how technology reinforces racist and bigoted systems. As I learn about these threats and biases, I am glad that the ACLU of Utah is focusing more attention on educating us, and teaching us how to fight back.”




...from the Fall 2019 Liberty Reporter

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