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Campaign Mode (Spring 2019 Liberty Reporter)

We launched a dozen efforts to make it easier for Utahns to vote in 2018.
Here are three examples of how we made a difference.

(1) Eight days before the election, we learned that Utah was one of two states where Uber and Lyft weren’t offering discounted rides to the polls due to confusion about a state law against bribing people to vote. After we called the State Elections Office and a reporter at FOX13, a state attorney quickly declared that free rides to the polls were not illegal in Utah, resulting in new publicity about the availability of this helpful service.

postage4(2) As Utahns received their mail-in ballots, we launched a “No Stamp? No Problem” social media campaign to inform voters living in the 18 Utah counties without pre-paid return postage—including Utah and Weber counties—that the U.S. Postal Service would still deliver their unstamped ballots. By targeting younger voters who often don’t own or use stamps, our goal was to remove a crucial barrier to voting.  We received media attention and responses from across the state, with one Facebook post (see image at right) shared 143 times to reach 12,497 people. 

(3) After conducting a phone survey of county clerks about Election Day Registration, we sent out a press release warning that many counties in Utah were unprepared for this new statewide initiative allowing people to register to vote and cast a ballot on Election Day. We also highlighted other problems, including one county website that hadn’t updated dates and deadlines since the 2016 election. A half-dozen media outlets—from the Salt Lake Tribune to the Cache Valley Daily—reported our concerns, resulting in last-minute updates to county websites and extra training for poll workers.

...from the Spring 2019 Liberty Reporter

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