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ACLU of Utah’s Statement on Judge’s Order

12 November 2015 Published in Newsroom

The ACLU of Utah is closely monitoring the developing legal situation concerning a judge’s order that removes a 1-year-old child from the stable home where she has been living in the care of a married same-sex couple.

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah judge orders same-sex couple to give up foster child, says baby would be better off with heterosexual parents 

The following statement can be attributed to Karen McCreary, Executive Director, ACLU of Utah.

No child should be denied stability and separated from a loving family because of a judge’s baseless beliefs about lesbian and gay parents. There is a clear scientific consensus that children of same-sex parents fare no differently than their peers. Claims to the contrary have been consistently rejected by courts. The ACLU of Utah will continue to closely monitor the situation. We affirm that decisions about the best interest of a child should not be based on discredited and damaging assumptions. That kind of reasoning serves no one’s best interests and directly works against the interests of foster children, the state’s most vulnerable children.

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