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Unaffiliated Voter Requirements to Vote in the 2020 primary

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Are you an independent (unaffiliated) Utah voter not registered with any political party.

This means you are not registered as a Democrat, Republican or any other political party.

That’s cool.

But to vote in the March 3 Presidential Primary... you need to affiliate with a party, request a ballot (Democratic party only), or vote in-person (Republican and Democratic party). Also, you need to act before February 3 if you want to receive a mail-in ballot at home. It's kinda confusing so will explain how to do it at this webage.

You have until February 3, 2020 to request a mail-in ballot or change your unaffiliated voter registration to vote in Utah’s Presidential Primary. Note: If you miss the February 3 deadline, you can still cast a vote on Primary Day (March 3)--but you will need to vote in-person (Republican or Democratic ballot) at an official polling place. 

Unaffiliated voters in Utah won't receive a mail-in ballot for the Presidential Primary unless they take several steps to either... request a ballot from a County Clerk (Democratic primary only)... affiliate with a party... or vote in-person at an official polling place on Election Day (Democractic or Republican primary).

Here's what you can do right now...

>> Check your voter registration and party affiliation status: https://votesearch.utah.gov/voter-search/search/search-by-voter/voter-info 

>> Find more information on the 2020 Presidential Primary in Utah: https://voteinfo.utah.gov/current-election-information/

>> To find your County Clerk’s contact information and request a ballot: https://voteinfo.utah.gov/county-clerk-contact-information/

Download our "Are You Ready to Vote" Explanation Posters 

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