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Rewarding landlords for discrimination?

22 June 2015 Published in State Policy Work

application-denied1"Good Landlord Programs" often end up hurting already marginalized communities. Share your story to help reform these policies.

Did you know that in many Wasatch Front cities – including Ogden, West Valley City and South Salt Lake – landlords and property owners receive a break on their licensing fees if they refuse to rent to people with criminal backgrounds?

It's true. At the ACLU of Utah, we're trying to change that – and you can help us by sharing your story.

"Good landlord programs"  are city-level programs that offer financial incentives for landlords and property owners to participate in trainings and comply with requirements such as checking the criminal background of any potential tenant; prohibiting individuals with a criminal record within the last four years from living in a rental property; and evicting any individual (as well as family members) once they are arrested by the police.

During the 2015 legislative session, we teamed up with Rep. Brian King to introduce a bill that would end this practice. We ran out of time to pass the bill, but our effort gathered many supporters, so we are not giving up!

Just last week, we met with stakeholders to discuss the next steps needed to reform "good landlord programs" in Utah. Let's keep up the momentum. Share your story to help reform these policies.

  • Have you been denied housing in Utah based on a recent criminal conviction?
  • Has a landlord in Utah rejected your application because of an arrest record or old charges?
  • Did a Utah property owner ever give the Good Landlord Program as a reason to deny your housing application or evict you from a rental?
  • Or are you a landlord in Utah who wanted to rent to someone with a recent criminal conviction, but were threatened with higher city fees?


We want to hear your storyWe want to hear your story.

Your experiences will become part of our efforts to build understanding about the unintended negative impacts of denying housing to people who need a chance to rebuild their lives! We may even contact you to share your story with legislators and other policymakers.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

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