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Legislative Work

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The 2022 Legislative Session began on January 18, 2022.

Session Updates:

1/20/22: ACLU on the Hill - Episode 1 -- In this first episode of ACLU on the Hill in 2022, we hear from Bryan Stevenson, the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative and author of the acclaimed book "Just Mercy" about his legal efforts to free a man wrongly condemned to death. Stevenson was in Salt Lake City this week to convince Utah lawmakers to end the death penalty in our state.
We also hear from Marina Lowe, who is leading the ACLU's efforts to promote H.B. 147, "Death Penalty Modifications," the legislation filed this session to eliminate the death penalty. We will keep you updated on this important bill as the session continues.

1/1922: Subscribe to the ACLU of Utah's list of the priority bills we are tracking during the 2022 session... Sign up here

1/18/22: Review our constantly updated list of priority bills in the list below.

1/12/22: Check out our list of Top Ten Legislative Priorities for 2022 (PDF)

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1/11/2022: Stay informed about the latest legislative news by signing up for the ACLU of Utah's Text Action Alerts.... enroll here (link)

See the 2021 Legislative Session Archive webpage for a complete list of the ACLU's updates, videos, and analysis from the previous legislative session

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[UPDATE] How to Give Public Comment Virtually at the Utah Legislature - our new guide to testifying online during committee hearings (PDF)

[UPDATE] Learn how to track and follow bills during the 2021 Legislative Session with our new Bill Tracking Guide (PDF)

How a Bill Becomes a Law - our handy 1-pager that adapts the Schoolhouse Rock icon for the Utah Legislature (PDF)

Check out this new Make Your Voice Heard: A Guide to Legislative Advocacy in Utah we created. It's a six-page "how to" guide to starting up, or stepping up, your community lobbying game at the Utah Capitol (PDF)

You can also watch a 3-minute video overview of this new guide (YouTube).

  • Learn how to navigate the new legislative website by watching our Online Lobbying 101 workshop from 2018 (Note: This guide from 2018 does not follow proper COVID-19 social distance protocols)


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