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Legislative Updates and Action Alerts

07 February 2011 Published in Legislative Work

Rep. Chrsitensen's HB 182, "Voiding Transactions Against Public Policy," will be heard tomorrow in the House Judiciary Committee at 4pm. Should the state of Utah be interfering with YOUR right to contract? Tell the representatives to VOTE NO on HB 182!

Rep. Sandstrom's HB 70, "Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act," is going to be heard in the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee tomorrow at 4pm (PM/25 House Building). Show up early to fill the committee room. Contact the representatives who will be at the hearing and tell them to VOTE NO on the Arizona copycat bill!


Find out which Representatives are on the Committee (Click on Committee Membership in the left hand column) >> 
Read some ACLU talking points on immigration legislation (PDF) >>

Senator Dayton's SB 44, "State Commission Amendments," is headed for the House. This dangerous bill restricts the ability of the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) to make recommendations about proposed constitutional amendments. Is this retribution for the CRC's consideration of the affirmative action bill last year? Contact your representative now and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 44!

Read a Salt Lake Tribune Op Ed >>

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