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10 February 2021 Published in Legislative Work

HB302 blocked 700

A new bill at the Utah Legislature, H.B. 302, seeks to ban transgender youth from playing on all school sports teams in Utah. Even worse, the sponsor of this bill is trying to make it seem like her bill is about protecting women athletes.


UPDATE: You helped us win! On February 24, the Senate Senate Health and Human Services Committee held H.B. 302 and effectively blocked it from moving forward this year. Over 1,700 people visited our Stop H.B. 302 Action Webpage and hundreds of you signed up for text alerts and contacted your lawmakers to oppose this discriminatory bill. 

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Second, click on the image below to send a message directly to your Utah representative telling them to vote no on H.B. 302

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Be sure to explain that you are a constituent (i.e. a resident of their district) and use the talking points below. You can also check out our "Guide to Legislative Advocacy in Utah" to help craft your message.

Tell them to oppose this bill because..

(Downloads these points as a PDF)

This bill excludes some women from playing sports based on fears about their bodies.
>> Instead of protecting women’s access to sports, H.B. 302 would ban some women from playing on high school teams who currently can do so..
>> This bill relies on the same fears about women’s body types, hormone levels, and physical abilities that were used for decades to block women from competing as athletes.
>> This bill is another attempt by Utah lawmakers to police women’s bodies.

This bill risks damage to Utah’s economy and reputation as a destination for national and international athletic competitions.
>> H.B. 302 will become Utah’s “bathroom bill” and cause major sports events, associations, and sponsors to boycott the state faster than you can say “North Carolina.”
>> This bill would bring Utah into violation with the NCAA’s current policy that allows transgender athletes to join women’s sports after taking cross-gender hormones for one year. Even though H.B. 302 no longer bans college athletes who identify as transgender, it will prevent athletes from playing on middle and high schools teams in order to become college-level athletes.
>> These major sporting events, scheduled to take place in Utah over the next few years, will find another destination if HB302 becomes law.
      - NBA All Star Game (2023)
      - NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship-1st and 2nd round games (2024)
      - National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships (2025)
      - U.S. Olympics host city bid (2030 or 2034)

This bill gives players, coaches, and parents license to challenge the bodies of women athletes for not being “female” enough.
>> H.B. 302 would allow anyone to challenge the gender of women athletes who they believe are too big, too muscular, or too fast.
>> This bill implies that only women with certain and unspecified body types and hormone levels can play sports.
>> This bill would force women to quit sports teams or be faced with invasive and demeaning medical tests to prove their gender.

Plus, you can download these facts about the bill prepared by our allies at Equality Utah (PDF)

Thank you for raising your voice to protect civil liberties in Utah.


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