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2008 Utah Legislative Report

17 April 2008 Published in Legislative Reports

2008 Legislative Report : The ACLU of Utah on the Hill

The ACLU of Utah was extremely active during the general legislative session tracking legislation, responding to inquiries from legislators and media, attending and testifying at committee hearings, distributing letters and fact sheets regarding proposed legislation, and engaging our membership in legislative issues.

2008 Utah Legislative session

2/27/08: The ACLU of Utah issued a letter urging the defeat of SB 210, “Proof of Citizenship Required to Vote,” which was distributed to the Utah Senate which would create barriers to voter participation by those who are lawfully entitled to vote in this state. 

2/26/08: The ACLU of Utah issued a call to action to halt SB 210, "Proof of Citizenship Required to Vote" which is unnecessary and creates barriers to voter participation.

2/19/08: ACLU of Utah Executive Director, Karen McCreary, testifies before the Utah House Government Operations Committee in support of HB 449, "Implementation of Federal REAL ID Act" which would prohibit Utah from participating in the national program.

2/15/08: The ACLU of Utah distributed a fact sheet to the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee outlining the contistuional concerns of HB 156 "DNA Sample - Felony and Certain Misdemeanor Arrests".

02/15/08: The ACLU of Utah issued a call to action to defeat SBl 81, "Illegal Immigration," which would unfairly targets undocumented immigrants and undercuts the ability of the federal government to regulate immigration.

02/08/08: In a letter to the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Standing Committee, the ACLU of Utah outlines problems with SB 81, "Illegal Immigration" and calls for support of SB 97, "Immigration Task Force."

02/08/08: The ACLU of Utah Urges Representatives to vote against HB 98 and HB 257. These bills seek to require use by public and private employers of the federal employment verification program to verify the legal status of workers.   Read the E-Verification fact sheet >>

1/30/08: The ACLU of Utah urges legislators to vote against HB 237 "Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act"

1/25/08: The ACLU of Utah outlines reasons for supporting House Bill 89, “Anti-discrimination Act Amendments”

1/24/08: The ACLU of Utah outlines legislative priorities for 2008

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