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Allred v. Solaray (1998)

10 July 1998 Published in Resolved Cases

Privacy & Technology, Equal Protection - In late 1994, Wallace Kim Allred was placed on leave of absence from his job at Solaray after he tested positive for cannabinoids in a random drug test. Allred immediately provided Solaray with documentation indicating that he was taking Marinol, a cannabinoid derivative, as prescribed by his physician, and that he was experiencing no side effects. Solaray demanded that Allred reveal why he was taking Marinol. When Allred admitted he was living with AIDS, the company told him he would not be allowed to have direct contact with their product and that he would have to turn over all his medical records to the company.

When he refused, Allred was fired. After Allred’s death, Judge Sam granted Solaray’s Motion for Summary Judgment and dismissed our case in its entirety on July 7, 1997. Rather than pursue an appeal, Allred’s representative opted to settle in 1998.

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