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Webb v. Lohra Miller (2011)

01 July 2011 Published in Resolved Cases

Criminal Justice, Indigent Defense - On December 13, 2010, the ACLU of Utah entered its formal appearance as co-counsel along with lead counsel John Bogart of Telos VG., representing the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (UACDL) challenging Salt Lake County's practice of charging unlimited fees to criminal defendants seeking discovery materials (information on which charges are based) in their pending cases. Prosecutors are ethically and constitutionally obliged to provide defendants with discovery materials as part of defendants’ rights to a fair trial.

On February, 9, 2011, UACDL settled the case with new Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill. Mr. Gill immediately ceased charging for discovery materials in criminal cases in exchange for UACDL’s agreement to drop the lawsuit.
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