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Marriage Equality

08 January 2014 Published in Legal Advocacy

On January 8, 2014, the ACLU of Utah sent Attorney General Sean Reyes a letter explaining the reasons that the over 1,000 marriages of same sex couples performed in Utah are valid and enforceable and must be recognized by the state and federal governments.  

While Utah's top law enforcement officer has suggested that these marriages are in a "legal limbo," it is clear that the moment these couples were married, they obtained vested rights that cannot be retroactively invalidated by Utah.

Read the press release (1/8/14) >>

Read the letter to Utah Attorney General Reyes >>

1/9/14 Update - Thanks to everyone for your overwhelming interest in serving as Plaintiffs and for your support of our potential litigation.  At this point, we are no longer seeking additional information regarding possible plaintiffs.  We have a great pool and we are working through that, and plan to bring litigation that will protect all marriages, whether the couples are named plaintiffs or not.  We will continue to post information as events progress.  Be assured that we intend to fight for everyone's rights!

Kitchen v. Herbert (2013)
On October 17, 2013, The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Utah submitted a “friend of the court” brief in support of a case challenging Utah’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples, Kitchen v. Herbert. The ACLU brief calls for a heightened level of scrutiny to be placed on any law that discriminates against same-sex couples and their families. On December 20, 2013, a federal court declared that Utah’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples is unconstitutional. Read more >>

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