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"I [HEART] BOOBIES": Under Pressure, Granite School District Lifts Ban On Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

21 December 2010 Published in Legal Advocacy

The ACLU of Utah sent a letter last month challenging the Granite School District's ban on breast cancer awareness bracelets containing the slogan "I [heart] boobies."  Deeming the bracelets "not appropriate," at least one high school in the District had instructed teachers that the bracelets were banned and could be confiscated.  Following receipt of the ACLU's letter, and in recognition of the students' First Amendment right to engage in political speech, the District lifted the ban the very next morning.  

Students in the District, many of whom have relatives who are struggling with breast cancer or who are breast cancer survivors, recently wrote the ACLU to express their thanks.

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