What are the “red lines” governments shouldn’t cross when responding to a public crisis?
“Identifying appropriate guardrails for government in a time of public crisis is complicated for anyone who cherishes individual freedoms. While there is a need for strong government leadership during pandemic, there must also be checks on action. One “red line” that shines brightly for me during a crisis is the risk of discrimination whether unconscious, subtle, or deliberate. Which patients receive a ventilator in the ICU? Which businesses are deemed essential or approved for an emergency loan? Which inmates are released early from a county Or which votes are missing if in-person options are eliminated?”
-Brittney Nystrom, Executive Director

RJD 250“I understand that all governments must balance protecting the public good and ensuring individual freedoms. And I recognize that some of our freedoms may have to be limited during a time of crisis. Ultimately, however, the “red line” that the government most not cross is limiting the freedom of speech. The press must be free to question the decisions made by governments, to fact-check statements, and to shine a light
on uncomfortable truths. People will have conflicting views and values during a tim of crisis, but the civic conversation must allowed to continue without restrictions.
-Roni Jo Draper, Board President

…from the Spring 2020 Liberty Reporter