We are all eagerly awaiting the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Action (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, which could happen as soon as tomorrow! Regardless of when these decisions are announced, those of us who believe in equality for all people are standing firmly together in anticipation. The ACLU of Utah is proud to stand with our community partners, LGBTQ friends and equality advocates at this monumental moment! 

 For all the latest, keep your eye on the ACLU of Utah’s Facebook page. You also can watch the announcements come down live, too, from the Supreme Court at SCOTUS Blog.

As we near final resolution in these important cases, Utah’s LGBTQ Community and its allies should be proud of the work that has been done. Members and supporters of the ACLU should be especially proud – the ACLU has been working alongside Edie Windsor for several years now to challenge DOMA in her fight for legal recognition of her marriage to Thea Spyer. In addition, Utah's voice was sent to the Court via a friend-of-the court brief filed in both pending cases. Utah Pride's Amicus Brief was joined by the Equality Federation (Equality Utah is a member) and over 26 other statewide LGBTQ organizations from across the country. Our voice was heard!