2020 Voting Checklist

Download this checklist as a PDF

[ ] I checked that I am registered to vote at my current address at vote.utah.gov

[ ] I researched my local races and ballot initiatives using a reliable source

[ ] I encouraged my friends to register to vote and mail back or drop off their ballots

[ ] I saved the Election Protection Hotline into my phone 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)

[ ] I received my mail-in ballot in mid-October or I checked my county clerk’s website to find a local in-person vote center or early voting location

[ ] If I didn’t receive a mail-in ballot, I called my county clerk’s office to request a new one (www.elections.utah.gov/electionresources/county-clerks)

[ ] I have identification like a Utah Driver’s License or state-issued ID if I plan to vote in person (www.voteinfo.utah.gov/voterid-requirements)

[ ] I returned my mail-in ballot by putting it in the mail (by November 2) or an official drop-box (by November 3, Election Day

[ ] I tracked my ballot by visiting vote.utah.gov to make sure it was counted

…from the Fall 2020 Liberty Reporter