How We Are Protecting Your Right to Vote

From new hires and volunteers, to expanded digital outreach campaigns, our team is ready for this election

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Voter Education

To keep Utah voters informed about registration deadlines, mail-in ballots, and in-person voting, we are funding digital outreach campaigns designed to reach tens of thousands of people with timely and accurate information. Building on the success of our proven “No Stamp, No Problem” campaign, we are helping voters navigate how to check their registration, where to locate early and in-person voting, and how to ensure their mail-in ballots are counted. To help Utah residents tell fact from fiction, we created a “Fact-checked by the ACLU” badge to identify accurate information about the election. We are also the only Utah organization to partner with Election Protection, a national, nonpartisan coalition formed to ensure that all voters can participate in the political process. Do your part by entering Election Protection’s hotline, 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683), into your phone and passing it on to your family and friends. This number is staffed 24/7 with trained legal assistors to answer any voting questions and handle elections issues.

Egge Malyssa headshot 200Focus on San Juan County

In September we hired Malyssa Egge as the San Juan County Voter Protection Organizer. A resident of Bluff, Utah, Malyssa will help to protect the rights of Indigenous and rural voters in south-eastern Utah. Since settling our 2016 voting rights lawsuit against San Juan County, we have been engaged in monitoring the implementation of vital reforms like language assistance, ballot translation, and expanded in-person voting for Navajo Nation residents. This work became even more important when our poll monitors uncovered allegations of electioneering by San Juan County officials during the 2019 election. Malyssa’s on-the-ground organizing will be a critical piece of monitoring the accessibility of the 2020 election in San Juan County. As a regional coordinator, she will help us keep San Juan County at the forefront of our larger 2020 ACLU of Utah statewide Election Protection program.

Election Protection Monitors

Voter suppression can occur at any point in the election cycle: from blocking voter registration, to intimidating people trying to vote, to posting false information on social media. In 2020, the ACLU of Utah is training dozens of Election Protection volunteers to safeguard all aspects of the electoral process in Utah. From monitoring polling locations, to watching social media for misleading information, to delivering yard-signs advertising the Election Protection hotline—we are looking for volunteers to amplify our efforts during the election. This will be the first year the ACLU of Utah has deployed Poll Monitors in seven counties, including Garfield, San Juan, Washington, Cache, Duchesne and Uintah, as well as trained volunteers to monitor social media posts. If you are interested in serving as an Election Protection Volunteer, learn more and sign up at 

…from the Fall 2020 Liberty Reporter