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December 2021

Mental health crisis at center of many Utah police shootings. Are officers prepared? (12/29/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

From masks to book banning, conservatives take on educators (12/19/21, AP)

Legislative audit of Utah prison system healthcare called 'troubling’ (12/14/21, KUTV)

Red states crack down on abortion pills (12/10/21, Axios)

End the Death Penalty (12/9/21, The Independent (UK))

Go read this data analysis that uncovers predictive policing’s flawed algorithm (12/6/21, The Verge)

November 2021

How 9 books started a fight over censorship and pornography in this Utah school district (11/29/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Concerns grow over efforts to remove books from Utah schools (11/23/21, KUER)

ACLU of Utah investigating after books removed from schools (11/23/21, AP)

ACLU of Utah weighs in on book banning in Canyons schools  (11/22/21, KUTV )

Utah ACLU investigating Canyons School District over book removal (11/22/21, FOX13)

Utah business, community leaders call for Legislature, Cox to adopt nonpartisan voting maps (11/8/21, KSL)

Lawmakers are called upon to adopt ‘bipartisan’ redistricting maps (11/8/21, KSL NewsRadio)

Davis County panel to review cases of convicted people who maintain their innocence (11/1/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Davis County attorney creates avenue to review innocence claims in felony convictions (11/1/21, Deseret News)

October 2021

Weber County gang injunction lawsuit ends with out-of-court settlement (10/27/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

ACLU Shows No Sign Of Backing Off Daggett County In Jail Lawsuit (10/26/21, Basin Now)

Daggett County wants lawsuit over jail abuse thrown out, but ACLU says no (10/26/21, Deseret News)

Legislators attack vote by mail, want statewide audit and return to paper ballots (10/21/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Bigger. Older. Richer. Here’s how Utah is changing (10/13/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Brittney Nystrom receives Kroc Institute Distinguished Alumni Award (10/11/21, Notre Dame Observer)

Utah’s jail suicide rate remains at twice the national average (10/8/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

FOX 13 News 360: Your digital trail (10/7/21, Fox13)

Is Utah’s death penalty on death row? This family’s story of being ‘shackled’ to a killer has state ‘on the cusp’ of repeal (10/4/21, Deseret News)

Opinion: Now is the time to demand Grand County has fair representation in Utah (Moab Sun News, 10/3/21)

1,000 rally for Women’s March in Utah to protest anti-abortion laws (10/2/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Millions to march for women’s rights nationwide Saturday, including Salt Lake City (10/1/21, ABC4)

September 2021

School district suddenly bans Pride flags because they’re supposedly “politically charged” (9/25/21, LGBTQ Nation)

‘Poltically charged’? School district bans LGBTQ pride, Black Lives Matter flags (9/21/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

New data on Utah police shootings and race called ‘extremely uncomfortable’, ‘disappointing’ (9/20/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah’s parole board didn’t increase compassionate releases during the pandemic (9/15/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Here are the men who died from COVID-19 in Utah’s prisons (9/12/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Logan Police investing in new less-lethal device, focused on de-escalation practices (9/10/21, ABC4)

Should Utah abolish its death penalty? These Utah GOP lawmakers are going to try (9/8/21, Deseret News)

IN FOCUS Discussion: Equal Rights Amendment (9/5/21, ABC4)

Texas law bans abortions after 6 weeks. Will Utah be next and go after Roe v. Wade? (9/3/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

August 2021

Navigating Free Speech In The Classroom Is Getting Harder For Teachers When Schools Are At The Center Of Political Debates (8/20/21, KUER)

Can teachers say whatever they want in class? Here’s what we can learn from a Utah educator’s viral moment (8/18/21, Deseret News)

Utah teacher no longer employed after advocating vaccination and telling students she hates Trump (8/19/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Penalty Kick (8/6/21, City Weekly)

Utah signs on to support Supreme Court case that could topple Roe vs. Wade (8/4/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Is Smirking at a Sheriff’s Deputy a Hate Crime in Utah? (8/2/21, Utah Political Underground)

Davis jail inmate dies of apparent medical issue (8/2/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Murray pays out $152,000 to settle racial bias suit (8/2/21, Murray Journal)

July 2021

Utah joins lawsuit to overturn Roe v. Wade (7/29/21, FOX13)

As Utah COVID-19 cases increase, Weber County Jail has a new outbreak (7/27/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

The Hate-Crime Case in Which No One Was Intimidated (7/23/21, The Atlantic Monthly)

Teen charged with ‘hate crime’ in Garfield County: Woman could face a year in jail for destroying ‘Back the Blue’ sign (7/22/21, Moab Sun News)

IN FOCUS Discussion: Changing voting laws (7/16/21, ABC4) (YouTube Video)

Smirking teen battering ‘Back the Blue’ sign is no hate crime, Robert Gehrke writes (7/16/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Garfield Co. sheriff defends decision to arrest woman for hate crime over stomping on ‘Back the Blue’ sign (7/15/21, ABC4)

Utah student charged with hate crime for destroying pro-police sign (7/15/21, New York Post)

19-Year-Old Protester Stomped On A 'Back The Blue' Sign. She Faces Hate Crime Charges (7/15/21, NPR)

A teen was accused of defacing a pro-police ‘back the blue’ sign. Now she has been charged with a hate crime (7/14/21, Washington Post)

Garfield County Sheriff defends anti-police hate crime filing, says deputy was ‘singled out and attacked’ by 19-year-old (7/14/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Sheriff defends deputy 'attacked' in stomped sign 'hate crime' arrest (7/14/21, Deseret News/KSL)

Teen who allegedly crumpled up 'back the blue' sign charged with hate crime (7/14/21, The Hill)

Teen Facing a Year in Jail After Stomping on ‘Back the Blue’ Sign (7/13/21,

Rod Arquette Show: Cuba Unrest, Greg Hughes on Texas Legislature (7/13/21, KNRS)

Woman faces hate crime allegation after stomping on ‘Back the Blue’ sign in Utah (7/13/21, ABC4)

ACLU denounces hate crime charge over ‘Back the Blue’ sign damage (7/12/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Garfield County Case Renews Debate Over Whether Cops Should Be Protected Under Hate Crime Laws (7/12/21, KUER)

ACLU Utah against hate crime enhancement in case of crumpled police-support in Panguitch (7/12/21, KUTV)

San Juan County clerk resigns: Nielson’s tenure saw notable legal challenges (7/7/21, Moab Sun News)

'A philosophical change': How Davis County is working to prevent inmate suicides (7/6/21, KSL)

June 2021

‘Deceased’: Suspect in Murray police shootout becomes 5th officer-involved fatality in Utah this year (6/23/21, ABC4)

Banning critical race theory harms minority students, panel of educators says (6/18/21, KSL)

USU data law expert named to state privacy commission (6/20/21, Cache Valley Daily)

Discussions On Transgender Girls In School Sports Continues In The Legislature (6/17/21, KPCW) Audio File (MP3) 

Protesters Accused Of Painting Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office Red Plead Guilty To Lesser Charges (6/16/21, KUER)

Bills on transgender youth will return to Utah legislature (6/16/21, FOX13)

KRCL RadioActive Program (6/15/21, KRCL)

San Juan County heads toward potential electoral redistricting: Decades of legal trouble complicate process (6/4/21, Moab Sun News)

May 2021

Utah transgender athlete bill coming back, but sponsor plans to do things differently (5/24/21, KUTV)

ACLU raps health department for lack of COVID-19 inmate vaccinations at Weber County Jail (5/20/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

The Utah AG’s Office Found Police Were Justified In Their Response To A Cottonwood Heights Protest (5/12/21, KUER)

April 2021

As Utah Corrections Department Reaches Vaccine Milestone, ACLU Pushes For More Access In Local Jails (4/29/21, KUER)

ACLU of Utah calls for universal vaccine access for incarcerated people (4/28/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Soter: It’s Time for a New Salt Lake Homeless Shelter (4/20/21, Utah Daily Chronicle)

'Love Your Rights' campaign to teach what to do if you're stopped by police (4/20/21, KUTV)

Utah's mobile driver license eventually could make laminated ID cards an optional relic (4/13/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Governor hopes new homelessness chief can keep Legislature 'involved' in solving problem (4/13/21, KSL)

Salt Lake City police are giving officers shotguns that shoot beanbags (4/12/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Trial set in civil suit over Davis County inmate's death from internal bleeding after fall (4/4/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Years after a spate of questionable Utah in-custody deaths, Utah jail operating standards are now public records (4/2/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

March 2021

Utah’s Anti-Porn Crusade Marches On With Tech Filtering Law (5/23/21, Courthouse News)

Judge orders release of Utah jail standards, ruling copyright is not a blanket protection (3/26/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox vetoes controversial social media legislation (3/23/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Letter: Two acts set for U.S. Senate vote could initiate bold and inclusive immigration reform (3/23/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Cox vetoes effort to address perceived social media censorship — and it’s a family matter now (3/23/21, Deseret News)

Utah governor signs divisive measure to require porn filters (3/23/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Utah is about to pass a law making iPhones filter porn — but only if other states pass one, too (3/21/21, The Verge)

Cushman: Don’t Be Lenient on Biden (3/21/21, Utah Daily Chronicle)

Op-ed: Utah should not expand the government’s role in censoring free speech (3/19/21, Deseret News)

Utah’s Hard-Won Bail Reforms Are in Jeopardy (3/19/21, The Appeal)

Courtesy U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Immigration and Customs Enforcement (3/18/21, KSL)

Capitol Capers (3/18/21, SLC City Weekly)

Exclusive: How the Utah Jazz got involved in the debate over the transgender sports bill (3/16/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Porn would automatically be blocked on phones under Utah law (3/16/21, New York Post)

Utah campaign against porn marches on with phone filter bill awaiting governor's signature (3/16/21, KSL)

US House to examine bill setting new standards for biometric, digital privacy rights (3/15/21,

Utah bill enhances consequences for people who fail to report abuse (3/11/21, KUTV)

Election integrity law survives Legislature’s last days (3/7/21, Cache Valley Daily)

Tech winners in Utah’s 2021 legislative session: Cellphone porn filters, new rules for social media platforms and personal privacy protections (3/6/21, Deseret News)

Government’s use of facial recognition software regulated under bill headed to governor (3/5/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Mlex Insight: Utah legislature approves social media content moderation bill (3/5/21,

Utah Legislature Passes Bill to Require Cell Phone Manufacturers to Install Pornography Filters (3/5/21,

What Passed And What Failed — A Recap Of The 2021 Legislative Session (3/5/21, KUER)

KUER Week 7: Pass Bills, Not Germs (3/5/21, KUER)

Utah within shooting distance of social media content moderation law (3/3/21,

Bill to ban transgender athletes in women’s sports stalls in Utah legislature (3/3/21, Daily Universe)

February 2021

Utah lawmakers mostly behind a passel of personal privacy bills, but time's running short (2/28/21, Deseret News)

Black kids in Utah are arrested at 8 times their share of the population. This bill suggests a way to possibly change that. (2/26/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah lawmakers taking aim at social media censorship in proposed legislation (2/26/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Mantua Police deploy license-plate reading cameras to the entrances of town (2/26/21, KUTV)

Bill targets how police use info showing where you’ve been and what internet searches you make (2/25/21, Deseret News)

Senate committee approves bill requiring de-escalation training for police in wake of 2020 protests (2/25/21, St. George News)

Utah could scrap its English-only law (2/25/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Advocate says transgender athlete bill not about 'equality,' 'fairness' (2/23/21, KUTV)

Utah Legislative Committee Passes Bill With Harsh Penalties For Rioters (2/18/21, KUER)

Utah legislative committee approves harsh rioting penalties (2/18/21, AP)

Leaders of armed groups advocate for Utah bill increasing punishment for rioters (2/17/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Two bills born from last summer's protests get approval by senate committee (2/17/21, FOX13)

‘Enough’s enough’: Utah lawmakers move to toughen penalties on ‘rioters’ (2/17/21, Deseret News)

Package thieves could face a minimum $3,000 fine, 10-day jail sentence under new Utah bill (2/16/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah legislative committee holds watered-down bill addressing controversial no-knock warrants (2/16/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah advances bill that would require mandatory ‘porn filter’ on smartphones and tablets (2/16/21, Fortune)

'We're out here because of trauma': Being homeless in Utah in winter during COVID-19 (2/14/21, KSL)

Will this Utah proposal quash lawsuits from victims of data breaches? (2/14/21, Deseret News)

Lawmakers pursue limiting public access to mug shots (2/14/21, AP)

Utah Bill Seeking To Reign In No-knock Warrants Stalls In Legislative Committee (2/12/21, KUER)

Effort to restrict police use of ‘no-knock’ warrants in Utah stalls in House committee (2/12/21, Deseret News)

Bill that would prohibit protesting outside private homes advances (2/9/21, FOX13)

Ballot tracking proposal advancing with bipartisan support in state legislature (2/7/2, Cache Valley Daily)

KRCL RadioActive Program (2/4/21, KRCL)

Utah lawmakers discuss police reform bills (2/4/21, FOX13)

7 bills spurred by slain Utah student Lauren McCluskey target officer misconduct (2/3/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah bill discriminates against transgender girls, LGBTQ advocates say (2/3/21, KUTV)

Banjo debacle begets new efforts to bolster Utahns’ personal privacy (2/3/21, Deseret News)

Protesting outside an official’s home targeted by Utah lawmaker (2/2/21, Deseret News)

2 police reform bills advance to House vote, 1 fails (2/1/21, KUTV)

Utah Bill Looks to Tighten Grip on Facial Recognition Use (2/1/21, GovTech)

Case of slain Utah athlete Lauren McCluskey prompts new revenge porn bill (2/1/21, Deseret News)

January 2021

Utah lawmaker takes aim at rioters with bill critics say goes too far (1/28/21, KUTV)

Lawmaker wants women to prove they watched video of developing fetus before abortion (1/27/21, Deseret News)

Utah bill called solid 'first step' toward facial recognition policy (1/25/21, StateScoop)

Utah Senate panel advances bill to regulate government use of facial recognition technology (1/24/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

Senate committee recommends bill to ‘raise the bar’ on use of gang enhancement penalties (1/21/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

In first for Utah Utah, a police chief is tapped to lead state office on criminal justice (1/17/21, Deseret News)

After a summer of protests, Utah lawmakers will consider dozens of police reform bills this session (1/13/21, Salt Lake Tribune)

KRCL RadioActive Program (1/11/21, KRCL)

Inmate with COVID-19 sues Department of Corrections for shuffling prisoners amid outbreaks (1/9/21, KSL)

County witnesses predict release of jail standards would harm private sheriff's contractor (1/8/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

Trial begins over Davis County's withholding of copyrighted jail standards (1/6/21, Ogden Standard Examiner)

'Potential death sentence:' Utah inmate claims 'gross negligence' over COVID transfers (1/5/21, KUTV)

Ogden coffee shop owner and activist unite to make a push for social justice (1/4/21, Salt Lake Tribune)