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Introducing the ACLU's NSA Documents Database

02 April 2014 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

blog-cybersecurity-500x280-v01The national ACLU has created a complete, and easily searchable, database of documents to help facilitate the public debate on the legality and propriety of the government's surveillance practices.

The public debate over our government's surveillance programs has reached remarkable heights since the first set of NSA disclosures in June 2013 based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Since then, additional disclosures by both the press and government have illuminated our government's vast and invasive surveillance apparatus. These documents stand as primary source evidence of our government's interpretation of its authority to engage in sweeping surveillance activities at home and abroad, and how it carries out that surveillance. The ACLU hopes to facilitate this debate by making these documents more easily accessible and understandable. Toward that end, today we are launching the NSA Documents Database.

Read more and access the database >>

By Emily Weinrebe, ACLU National Security Project, published on the national ACLU's Blog of Rights

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