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Card-Carrying Proud: Dr. Forrest Crawford

05 February 2018 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

Meet Dr. Forrest Crawford, the second person profiled in the ACLU of Utah's "Card-Carrying Proud" campaign to celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2018. 

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Dr. Forrest C. Crawford is a professor of education at Weber State University, and has been associated with that university for 38 years. A native of Oklahoma, Dr. Crawford has achieved the hat-trick in Utah higher-education, earning degrees from Weber State (B.S.), the University of Utah (MSW), and BYU (Ed.D). A member of the ACLU since 1992, Dr. Crawford also serves on the organization's board of directors. 

“The ACLU’s motto might be, 'Because freedom can’t defend itself,' but it’s mantra has always been 'Rescuing humanity from the margins.' I have witnessed this organization’s passionate role in fighting for individuals and groups who believe their voice, their place, and their beliefs have been trampled on to the point where their “Constitutional rights” have no meaning.

Knowing that the ACLU is there—sustained by a strong yet also imperfect mission to defend everyone’s rights no matter how far removed they might be from the mainstream of society—stands as an enduring guide on how we must struggle to construct a just humanity. 

I’m a “Card-Carrying Proud” member of ACLU because I feel compelled to account to humanity about what we can do to dignify its preservation. All I need to do is reach into my pocket for the card that proclaims that I have been ACLU-affiliated since 1977 and a member since 1992 and hope that's enough of a pass to be more and do more for this fundamental right... that’s why I ACLU!”

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