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VICTORY! Appeals Court Strikes Down NSA Phone Spying Program in ACLU lawsuit

07 May 2015 Published in Newsroom
In a landmark decision, a federal appeals court unanimously ruled today that the NSA’s phone-records surveillance program is unlawful.

Court to Hear Objections to Order Vacating Convictions for Violating Ogden Gang Injunction

22 April 2015 Published in Newsroom
Utah’s Second District Court will hear Weber County and Ogden City’s objections to a proposed order vacating two misdemeanor convictions against Leland McCubbin.

ACLU Brings State to Court Over Recognition of Same-Sex Mothers’ Parentage Rights

13 April 2015 Published in Newsroom
The ACLU of Utah and the national ACLU LGBT Project filed a lawsuit today to force the State Office of Vital Records and Statistics to recognize a married same-sex couple as legal parents of their child.

ACLU of Utah and Equality Utah Celebrate SB 296; Reject the Harmful Provisions of HB 322

12 March 2015 Published in Newsroom
Religion does not give us the right to discriminate.  Utah must reject HB 322 because it runs counter to SB 296, and because it sanctions discrimination in the name of religion.

The ACLU of Utah Strongly Opposes SB 297

06 March 2015 Published in Newsroom
This Bill Would Allow Discrimination Against Gay and Transgender Utahns. 

ACLU OF UTAH Lauds Bill Providing Protections For Gay and Transgender Utahns

04 March 2015 Published in Newsroom
A historic piece of legislation was introduced today that will provide long-needed, express protections for gay and transgender Utahns from discrimination in housing and employment.

Poll Results: Most Utahns Favor Dropping Penalties for Drug Possession

19 February 2015 Published in Newsroom
Survey by community-based organizations shows that Utahns see drug use as a public health issue, not a criminal justice issue.

Justice Reinvestment Legislation a Step in the Right Direction

18 February 2015 Published in Newsroom
ACLU of Utah cautiously optimistic about HB384, “Correctional Amendments,” criminal justice reform bill based on CCJJ/Pew recommendations.

Utah is ready for criminal justice reform!

09 February 2015 Published in Newsroom
Utahns from all walks of life will gather at the State Capitol tomorrow, February 10, at noon, to raise their voices in support of “Justice Reinvestment.” 

ACLU of Utah Applauds LDS Church’s Support of Discrimination Protection for Gay and Transgender Utahns

27 January 2015 Published in Newsroom
We hope this support will lead to the enactment of meaningful, state-level legal protections for gay and transgender people in Utah.

Senate Torture Report Shows Need for Accountability

09 December 2014 Published in Newsroom
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence  released the executive summary and findings of its landmark report on the CIA’s rendition, secret detention, and torture program. 

ACLU of Utah Critical of Utah’s Acting As Plaintiff in Lawsuit

04 December 2014 Published in Newsroom
The ACLU of Utah is disappointed that the State of Utah is a plaintiff to a lawsuit that seeks the deportation of “Dreamers” and the parents of United States citizens and legal permanent residents.

Civil Rights Groups Celebrate Undoing of Utah Anti-Immigrant Law

25 November 2014 Published in Newsroom
Settlement Reached Following Federal Court Decision to Block Key Provisions in Utah’s HB 497 and Impose Limits on Enforcement of “Show me Your Papers” Provision.

ACLU Comment on President Obama’s Immigration Executive Actions Announcement

21 November 2014 Published in Newsroom
The ACLU supports the President for taking necessary action to restore some fairness to our broken immigration system ...

Utah Families Celebrate Historic Breakthrough on Immigration

21 November 2014 Published in Newsroom
A press conference with a panel of experts and activists will take place on Friday, November 21, 2014 at 12:30 pm on the South steps of the Utah State Capitol.

ACLU of Utah Brings Class Action to Expunge Convictions of Ogden Gang Injunction

28 October 2014 Published in Newsroom
Class action petition filed requesting that all convictions of individuals charged with violating the Ogden gang injunction be vacated.

Supreme Court Lets Stand Four Appeals Court Decisions Requiring States to Allow Same-Sex Couples to Marry

06 October 2014 Published in Newsroom
We are thrilled with the decision this morning by the United States Supreme Court to deny cert in all seven pending petitions in the marriage cases, including the Utah case Kitchen v. Herbert.

ACLU of Utah and Salt Lake County Settle Lawsuit Regarding Immigration Detention Policies

25 August 2014 Published in Newsroom
Enrique Uroza and Salt Lake County have settled a civil-rights lawsuit against the County and Sheriff Jim Winder. Mr. Uroza alleged that County jail officials had unlawfully detained him to investigate his immigration status in the summer of 2011.

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Stay, Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will Not Be Recognized Pending Appeal

18 July 2014 Published in Newsroom
The U.S. Supreme Court has granted an emergency stay requested by Utah governor in Evans v. Utah.  

Federal Appeals Court Orders Recognition of Valid Marriages of Utah Same-Sex Couples

14 July 2014 Published in Newsroom
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Utah's request to suspend a lower court ruling ordering Utah to recognize the over 1,000 marriages of same-sex couples who were legally married in Utah.