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Moving Justice Forward For 60 Years!

The Spring 2018 Liberty Reporter is here!

Apr 16, 2018

Our cover story "Fighting Back" describes the ordeal of Berenice Resendiz, whose family experienced two SWAT-style immigration raids that terrified her young children and violated their Fourth Amendment rights. You can also read about the ACLU of Utah’s new Campaign for Smart Justice, our voting rights victory for Navajo residents of San Juan County, our legislative wrap up, and so much more. 

ACLU of Utah’s 60th Anniversary & Awards Ceremony (5/10/18)

Apr 12, 2018

The ACLU of Utah is turning 60 this year and you’re invited to the party! May 10, 6 - 9pm, Sugar Space, SLC.

ACLU of Utah’s Campaign for Smart Justice to Release County Questionnaire for Prosecutor Candidates

Apr 10, 2018

On April 10th the ACLU of Utah is submitting questionnaires to every county prosecutor candidate in Utah so voters can be informed on the candidates’ positions on ending mass incarceration, addressing racial disparities, and accountability for prosecutorial misconduct.

ACLU Membership Conference, Washington D.C. (6/10-12/18)

Apr 02, 2018

The ACLU Membership Conference brings together ACLU members for learning, mobilization, and inspiration. The event is an opportunity for members from around the country to exchange ideas, to celebrate the extraordinary history of the ACLU, and to look forward to the challenges ahead.

Anthony Romero, Featured Speaker at Park City Eccles Center (4/3/18)

Mar 29, 2018

Anthony D. Romero is the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, the nation's premier defender of liberty and individual freedom. An attorney with a history of public-interest activism, Romero has presided over the most successful membership growth in the ACLU's history and a large increase in national and affiliate staff.

Video: Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Liberty

Mar 28, 2018

ACLU of Utah's Executive Director Brittney Nystrom explains how nearly a century of defending liberty readies the ACLU for today.

Students' Rights: Speech, Walkouts, and Other Protests

Mar 14, 2018

On Monday, March 12 the ACLU of Utah organized a Facebook Live workshop on Students' Rights as students prepare for walkouts in March and April. Watch the video here!

Legislative Update: HB205 (Down syndrome Abortion Ban)

Mar 06, 2018

Legislative Update: HB205 (Down Syndrome Abortion Ban)  A last-minute substitute could turn HB205 into a "trigger bill"--a law that is only activated after a future court decision clears the way for more abortion bans.