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ACLU of Utah Statement on Operation Rio Grande

Aug 16, 2017

"In its current phase, Operation Rio Grande appears to rely on simply more of the same ineffective attempts to control the complex social issues of poverty, substance use disorder and mental illness through the same traditional mechanisms of our broken criminal justice system."

As Youth Head Back to School, New Laws for Youth Justice System

Aug 16, 2017

 “We want to be sure that Utah’s youth, and the adults in their lives, are aware that there are new rules about how youth are to be treated when they come into contact with the juvenile justice system.”

The Latest on Trump's Muslim Ban(s)

Aug 10, 2017

Nearly two months have passed since we last blogged about the ever-unfolding story of President Trump's Muslim Ban. Time for an update!

Don't Block Constituents on Social Media, ACLU of Utah Warns Federal Delegation

Aug 08, 2017

"Because your social media pages are a public forum, your blocking of these individuals is an unconstitutional restriction on their right to free speech under the First Amendment.”

Syrian Refugees Are Survivors, Not Threats.

Aug 03, 2017

"You can imagine how frustrating this situation was, and still is, for Syrian, Arab, and Muslim-Americans."

Coming to a Pride Festival or Community Event Near You!

Jul 31, 2017

August & September, 2017. The ACLU of Utah is working non-stop to protect our freedoms. To learn more, stop by our booth at one of the upcoming events and talk with a staff member or one of our wonderful volunteers.

Welcome to MaríadelMar González, Our New Community Outreach Fellow

Jul 19, 2017

The ACLU of Utah is thrilled to announce that MaríadelMar González, a local grassroots activist and community advocate, has been hired to fill a brand new position. She will assist our integrated advocacy efforts to advance our priorities at the state and local level while strengthening community connections and supporting coalitions in protecting civil rights and civil liberties for all people in Utah.

YOUR Public Comment is Needed on New Juvenile Detention Rules

Jul 05, 2017

The ACLU of Utah has learned that the State of Utah is requesting comment from the public on new administrative rules about who can be admitted to juvenile detention facilities, and for what reasons.